Tuesday, July 11, 2006

So much for 7-11 Day!

In case you didn't know, today is 7-11 Day (punny, isn't it?!). I heard that this meant that all 7-11s were giving out free slurpees, and I have to admit I was quite excited by this. Being on maternity leave without a vehicle (we are currently a one vehicle household, which combined with me being a new, nervous driver = insanity) means that my daily outings are pretty limited, so going out to get something free seemed like a good idea. Unfortunately, there is a bit of false advertising here. 7-11s give out free slurpees until they run out of their special, designated free slurpee cups. Needless to say this turned into "major burn" for Emily.

What else happened in the world of Momily on this so holy 7-11 Day? Well, I woke up this morning to discover that Daniel's diaper had EXPLODED overnight. This has happened before, but not on this scale. The skin of his disposable Pampers are actually rupturing and spilling the contents (which are these tiny, gel-like, absorbent, silicon-type bead filler things) everywhere. Normally, it is gross, but today was gross times 1000, as he had pooped so there were actually poop beads EVERYWHERE. It was a disaster and a crappy (!!) way to start the day. Shameless plug - so far Huggies have not done this; I'm not buying Pampers again.

In other news . . . another reason I'm happy to (as of yet!) not be raising a daughter in the new millenium:
Note that "Party Girl" is 11 years old and wearing fishnets.


At 7:07 AM , Anonymous sma said...

Emily - the blog is great. Let me be the first to say so. SM

At 9:20 AM , Anonymous AKK said...

I'm thrilled that you're finally doing this and can't wait until you get over being shy and really dig into the other issues that matter to you (i.e., gins, groins, and jabrones). I can't believe you coined the term "poop beads".

At 11:52 AM , Blogger AEG said...

I have to say I am really impressed, Em. Takes a lot of courage (or gin & tonics?). I am proud of you. . . and see big followings in your future. . .


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