Thursday, August 10, 2006

At least I can surf eBay, while I’m on hold!

I’m sorry to have not posted for a while! What a way to not build a readership. My apologies, dear readers!

I have been busy but with lame-ass things like being on hold forever with our federal government’s EI hotline only to be told that the computers are down so they can’t help me. My big inquiry – do I have to let them know my return date to work (re: EI and maternity leave benefits)? She could not tell me without her computer. Shouldn’t this be pretty basic and standard stuff – either you want to know my return date or not! I was not too happy.

It took me 3 minutes just to get through their many menus of “to do this press this” only to end up hitting zero in frustration. I am also tired of hearing lengthy special messages for “residents of Quebec only” every time I call the feds. How about if you are a Quebecer, press a button so that no one else from the rest of Canada needs to know how special you are or, better yet, call one of the hundreds of French-only numbers that the feds have already created due to the special-ness of Quebec. And before you call me an asshole Albertan – I was born in Montreal, can remember growing up in Laval (my Catholic school experience took place in Quebec), I still have family living in the belle province (such as my dad), and I received a horrible spanking when I was seven for calling the neighbour kid and his friends “frogs” from my swing set. Therefore, I am allowed to hate Quebec. Rant done.

How else was I busy this week? I spent too much of my time yesterday trying to get a ticket to folk fest through the online ticket board to no avail (hence plea above).

My other very MAJOR time-consumer this week: I recently became addicted to eBay.

As many of you know, I am already addicted to any kind of second-hand shopping, especially when it comes to baby stuff. I know the second-hand scene isn’t for everyone (which I don’t totally get!), but when it comes to baby stuff I think everyone should be converted. First of all, maybe you don’t want to buy that shirt for yourself because the previous owner could have been icks, but how icks can a little sweet baby be?? Secondly, babies are in things for a few months max. before they outgrow them. Third, I have found a ton of stuff for Daniel that still had its tags, meaning the stuff had never even been worn (from gift bag to storage). Fourth, when it comes to non-clothing items (exersaucer, bassinette, toys), bleach, Lysol, a dishwasher or your washing machine is all you need to make things “like new” again!

So, my addiction to the second-hand scene is nothing new as I frequent consignment shops, Good-Will type establishments, yard/garage sales, and community hall/church sales on a regular basis. I had, however, never tried eBay . . . until earlier this week! I had resisted it because there was so much hassle with creating an account and I couldn’t imagine having to go through the money order process. But now that Pay Pal exists (best invention ever, by the way) it couldn’t be easier and slicker. I LOVE IT. In a few short days I am totally down with the EB. I now know that NWT (new with tags) has nothing to do with the Northwest Territories and EUC (excellent used condition) has nothing to do with Euros.

I have already bought something – an outfit for D Jr. to wear to his (controversial) baptism (and possibly a certain set of upcoming nuptials). It is cheesy little white suit/tuxedo thing (size 12 months) and it cost me 99 cents! The seller claims her kid wore it once. I’m paying 9 bucks in shipping ($#%# Canada Post!). Still, 10 bucks for an almost new suit that my kid is going to wear once or twice, compared to 30 to 50 bucks brand new . . . let’s just say I feel like I’m king of the world (those of us of Mediterranean descent love a deal. We can’t help it. It’s genetic. A deal almost trumps all; tax evasion and any kind of scamming of the feds is first). I’ve also bid on a snowsuit and I am about to bid on a Halloween costume. The Halloween costumes are the best as most have been lovingly hand-made by someone, which means that my kid gets to benefit from someone else’s handiwork and originality even though his own mother can hardly thread a needle.

The costume I’m eyeing is here. But thanks to eBay, I also know that I can buy a Yoda or Darth Vader costume in minute child-size.

So to sum up, eBay is the best thing ever and if I end up quitting my job later this year and joining the ranks of stay-at-home moms (see future posts), I think I will slowly start selling the contents of my house on eBay in order to feel like I still have a job.

In other news: I am putting out a bag of clothes for the homeless guy. Hopefully, he gets it as opposed to one of the many middle-class garbage scavengers in my neighbourhood (#$%$# thrift shoppers)!

Images source: you can find pictures of these Star Wars costumes all over eBay and the Internet in general. I'm not sure of the original source.


At 1:14 PM , Blogger Cynto said...

Being your sister it is inevitable that I also enjoy bargains. I also enjoy finding stuff (treasure!). Yesterday I went for a walk by myself and when I returned Mike asked what I had found (knowing that I would have found something of course). All I could report was that I found a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. To which Mike replied "You didn't eat it, did you?" Yes, my love of free stuff, deals and discounts has come to this - people think it could actually be possible that I would eat a discarded sandwich.

And no - I didn't eat it.

At 3:50 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Salma Says:

Just make sure you don't accidentally start buying your own garbage! You've been warned!

At 9:41 PM , Blogger AEG said...

I too am a big fan of e-bay. Have I told you about my Persian living room rug (a $2000 value for $78 USD! -- took me 3 weeks of bidding to get it)?

My new deal centre, however, especially for all things baby (I mean let's face it, when you have to buy two of everything, my twins will be lucky to get anything new!) is craigslist. I think it is more popular here, but most Canadian cities have a site -- Long live the frugal soul!


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