Thursday, January 31, 2008

I’m in awe of those “being the change”

We just found out that one of our friends is running for MLA (for the Alberta Liberal Party) in the same riding as Premier Ed Stelmach. That’s right, our friend Earl is running against Steady Eddy!

I’m just so impressed that Earl is willing to put himself out there in true David and Goliath fashion and give this a go. What a daunting undertaking, but certainly one that Earl is capable of. He stands out in my mind as one of the most genuine, honest, “good” people that I have ever met. He is also a brainiac! Most importantly, though, when people speak of Earl the word integrity often comes up . . . people that know Earl, respect Earl.

So, of course we support our friend, but we don’t live in his riding! So, if you or anyone you know happens to vote in the Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville riding of Alberta, please take some time to learn about Earl’s candidacy and what he brings to the table. His bio and blurb from the Alberta Liberal Party is here.

I wouldn’t dream of telling anyone how to vote (remember, I haven’t been able to consume alcohol for 7 months), but if I were voting in his riding, Earl would have my vote hands-down!


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