Monday, November 12, 2007

Congratulations! It's a . . .

I had my ultrasound on Friday. We were all set to find out gender, but unfortuantely this child was extremely uncooperative. While it moved its limbs around a little bit, it did not move its body at all. The US technician had me do stuff like "partially" empty my bladder (only women who have had ultrasounds and had the requisite 6 glasses of water beforehand and know the pee pain and discomfort related to this know how impossible and torturous "partially" emptying your bladder is!) in hopes of getting the baby to shift position. No luck. This kid is stubborn. And difficult. Must be a girl!

Anyway, due to this child's position they could tell very little and I will have to go in again at some point. I wasn't too worried until the technician started listing off the things they couldn't tell due to the position: cleft palate, heart defects, etc. After she started listing these things off I have to admit I have been obsessing . . . I can't seem to shake images of babies with cleft palates from my mind.

Anyway, I will keep y'all posted on US updates, gender and all that jazz. I'm strongly considering the 3D ultrasound this time around, as well, especially if I have to wait a long time for a regualr US! If you haven't seen pregnancy 3D ultrasound pics, check out this site: I think the images from this procedure would put my mind at ease!


At 3:11 PM , Anonymous Sarah Inglis said...

I had the 3D ultrasound and it was actually pretty good. He wouldn't cooperate the first time so the technicians asked us to come back the next week for another session at no extra charge to see if we could see him better. We went to UCBaby (Yes, it's actually called that...) and the pictures actually do look like him! I recommend it.


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