Friday, August 18, 2006

Blog break

I’m taking a few days hiatus from posting. I’m running a few errands today. D. Sr. gets back tonight and we are going to spend the weekend car, er, minivan shopping. I even have plans for Saturday evening – a library ladies soiree! So, I’m somewhat busy and, I have to be honest, the last post and the drama surrounding it has me a bit blogged out right now.

Anyway, I imagine I will post something on Monday or Tuesday probably about my massive [panic] attacks re: daycare. Daniel’s trial-run first day is Thurs. Aug. 24th!!! EEEKKK!

I will still be checking email sporadically so if you comment it will make its way on to the blog in a semi-timely fashion.

Until then, those of you that work in government or libraries, may especially find the following funny:

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