Thursday, August 24, 2006

Isn't it ironic. . .dontcha think?

The first day of daycare was supposed to be today . . . but the daycare is still closed due to their waterworks issue.

Not sure when the "real" first day will be. I can't believe that all my anxiety has been "for nothing" - at least this week.

In other news, Daniel is sick again. He spent the night before last vomiting - once on me and once on D. Sr. (and a third time where we were both too wise to get fooled again and just his highchair got hit). When he puked on me I was comforting him and he actually puked IN MY FACE! I will not get into more detail here because it is actually too gross and too soon for me to relive. D. Sr.'s groin got puked on. The shower was well-used between 4 and 5 am that night.

D. Jr.'s still sick but hasn't puked for 24 hours. YAY!! He is crabby and sniffly and irritable and I'm pretty sure he's getting molars as well.

Yesterday on three hours of sleep and worried about a sick kid, I'm proud to say that I still went to my faux "first day of work" - it was a three hour training session at work that my boss asked me to attend (I get to bank 3 hours for a later time, AKA: the next time D. Jr.'s sick). My sister looked after Daniel so I wasn't really worried about him, but it was still quite a stretch for me.

That's all for now; I can hear a sick bebe stirring.


At 8:30 PM , Blogger AEG said...

Hahahahaha -- a new scrub brush! That is priceless . . . I would have equally embarrassed myself if that is all they came up with. I can only hope my work is as constant, but I some how doubt it. . . .


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