Monday, February 04, 2008

An update

As I write this D. Jr. is (hopefully, theoretically, supposedly) sleeping in his big boy bed for the first time (nap). So far there has only been one major crying fit and one set of negotiations surrounding taking "My Big Book of Diggers" to bed with him. It feels like the real end of an era, though . . . he is not my baby anymore!

On the dog front . . . we don't have her quite yet! Maybe Thursday night. The hold-up has been that the rescue organization requires a vet to sign off on the dogs before adoption. This includes verifying if they have been spayed or neutered or not (and having the surgery done if not). While it turns out that Lucy was already spayed (pointing to the fact that she was likely someone's pet at some point in her life, as opposed to a lifelong "dump dog" like many of the other animals rescued from the reserve she comes from), she did have some teeth problems. The vet cleaned her teeth and also had to pull a few that were in bad shape (the costs of being a dump dog, I suppose). We've been a bit concerned about this and also that her age has been revised to "3 or 4 years," but we like her so we are doing it. D. Sr. is already talking about the possibility of a second dog later in 2008 - a pup - as Lucy likes other dogs and is used to their company and I think he really wants a dog who will play fetch etc. with him and the kids.

If you are interested, here is the link to the recue organization who saved Lucy and does a lot of good work:


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