Thursday, January 08, 2009

R-O-C-K in the Subaru

Today, while in the car with the children, I was surfing radio stations trying to find a good song. So, I was more than a little pleased to locate a classic rock station playing Helix’s "Rock You!" I have to admit to singing along and raising the volume a tad.

D. Jr.: This is a BIG SONG!

Momily: Yup.

D. Jr.: This is a song for monster trucks.

Momily: Yes, it sounds like some of the songs that we hear when we watch monster trucks. [Yes, my son and I gather around the laptop and watch You Tube video compilations of monster trucks. The mighty have indeed fallen.]

D. Jr.: This is rocking out!!

I just had no response to that, as it kind of shocked me that he even used the phrase and referred to what we were doing as rocking out. It made my day that apparently, in the car with my baby and three year old, en route to visit my elderly grandparents no less, I can still rock out (at least in the eyes of my boy). The past two days have me completely parented out, and it was great to have a nice LOL.



At 11:39 PM , Blogger Laura said...

you are way cooler than me


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