Saturday, August 26, 2006

Keep on truckin’: Our week in review

I hope everyone's ready for the upcoming Truckin' Week!

Saturday: We buy a brand new minivan - exciting and deflating at the same time. A weird and wonderful day as we become a two vehicle household!

evening: I get totally lost on way to a library ladies evening event in Sherwood Park. I only realize how fully lost I am when I find myself on the road to Fort Saskatchewan! Of course a torrential downpour is happening while I’m lost so I can barely see where I’m going, etc. I finally manage to reorient myself and get to the soiree albeit very late. Stressful and horrible for a new driver, but after that figure I can indeed drive anywhere now!

Same old, same old (in other words, lose my mind at the in-laws’ house).

Monday: check up on how the in-laws are doing with babysitting our niece all day (due to daycare being shut down with water issues). I find that although they have killed the fish (fish WILL eat themselves to death), baby E is fine (despite desperately requiring a fresh diaper and something more to eat than the grandparentals’ meal of choice for her: Kraft Dinner).

Tuesday: My brother is in town for a few days. Turns out to be a godsend because I end up babysitting baby E due to the daycare issues. Baby E is quite unhappy for part of the afternoon, so my brother has to amuse and care for D. Jr. for a couple of hours. My 21 year-old brother announces at 9pm that he is “exhausted” due to his few hours of babycare. Feel smug and vindicated. Have new admiration for my friend Ali with twins.

evening: Daniel has a puke-a-rama. We are sick with worry and sick of being covered in sick.

Wednesday: My first “faux” day of going back to work - but it's just for an afternoon of training. My brother and sister care for a sick D. Jr. in the afternoon while I’m gone (poor them!). I almost get into a car accident en route home when a lady on a cell phone narrowly misses turning into me. I learn that real rush-hour driving is an entirely different beast than what I'm used to. Highlight of the day: When we’re in the staff room, I ask the ladies at work what’s new. One of them holds up a scrub brush that’s in the sink and says, “This is new.” I start laughing and then realize that she is not joking around. No one else is laughing. Another fine "my life as a Fellini movie" moment.

evening: My brother cooks for us – a big treat and we love it.

Thursday: This was supposed to be D. Jr.’s first day of daycare, but – surprise, surprise – daycare is still shut down. I reschedule my hair appointment for later in the day when D. Sr. is home. I intend to lose about 3 inches of hair but lose more like 6. It’s fine, but I have NEVER gone to hairdresser who has actually cut my hair the way I asked. My new hair might actually be a blessing disguise – much faster to dry and comb/brush out.

evening: I kick some pretty major ass at poker for most of the night. Somehow find myself $5 down by the end of the night, though.

Friday: A do nothing day. Our excitement is dropping clothes off at the drycleaner and going to the park. A highlight is that Daniel manages to get the four construction guys replacing the sidewalk across the street to wave at him through the window and make goofy faces. One of the older guys – I’d bet money that he’s a grandpa – actually makes a young guy wave back!

Due to having nothing to do, I am able to catch up on the newspapers accumulating in the house. As usual, I’m shocked at humanity in general. First off, I am somehow disheartened to learn that the family of the accused JonBenet Ramsey killer have already signed the rights away to a book and movie deal. Call me old-fashioned, but if my brother was a nutter on his way to jail I don’t think one of the first things I’d be doing is trying to make money off it. Not to mention how disgusting and tawdry the whole thing is – ugh. Secondly, am very shocked (and sickened) to learn about the poor, young girl who was held captive by yet another nutter in Austria for 8 years! Neighbours were aware that the nutter in this case had done things like “expose himself” to their children, but somehow decided not to call the authorities about it. Third, Edmontonians are very upset that a lady that brutally stabbed her German Shepherd in the head a few months ago (the dog lived and is now with a foster family) will not be charged with anything and, in fact, could successfully appeal to get her dog back. Meanwhile, a guy that killed another person due to very careless driving on a local freeway got 15 days in jail – that he can serve on weekends. No one seems too concerned by this. I LOVE animals, but . . .

Today: we keep trying to accomplish something, but all D. Jr. wants to do is sleep! NY Times crossword, here I come.

Image source: The Canadian Truck Alliance - who knew (besides Salma)?!


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