Saturday, January 13, 2007


Do any of you interpret dreams? I have had two of the weirdest dreams ever lately. . .

Background to Dream I: Recently at work I have had to order a lot of puppets – as in close to $400 worth of finger puppets. So I have had puppets on the brain. However, I like Cuba Gooding and all but would not consider myself a fan or anything. I haven’t seen anything with him in it for a long time.

Dream I: I arrive at work and one of my coworkers (who I’m friendly with) takes me aside to tell me that my boss is really mad at me because I spent $200 on “Cuba Gooding Jr. finger puppets.” She said my boss thinks they’re terrible puppets and that I wasted money and am irresponsible. However, I think the Cuba Gooding Jr puppets are amazing and wonderful. My coworker is tactfully trying to tell me that the puppets suck. I get increasingly frustrated and upset as it becomes clear that no one else at work sees how great the Cuba Gooding Jr. finger puppets are.

Summary: I’m CRAZY!

Background to Dream II: Lately work has felt like an endless series of meetings, training sessions and professional development (most are not by choice!). However, I like my boss, work hard and have never been in trouble at work. Oh yeah, and I'm not attracted to teen boys.

Dream II: My boss announces that we all have to go to a local high school for a professional development session. We have to observe a class and get some information about curriculum changes. I immediately start bitching to coworkers about having to go to this thing, how lame and useless it is and how I don’t have the time. They leave, but I dawdle and get to the school late. When I get there, my boss takes me aside briefly to tell me that she overheard me complaining and is not impressed. She tells me to hurry up and get a seat.

All the seating for “staff” are taken because I’m late. I have to go sit in the back with the students. All the students in my row are male. The classroom resembles a university lecture theatre for some reason. It’s huge and modern and there are a few hundred students. My boss gets up and reminds her staff to use the textbooks she asked us to bring to highlight relevant, corresponding portions. I, of course, forgot to bring the textbook. One of the students next to me volunteers to share his book with me.

The two male students that I’m between are hilarious, bad-asses. I’m laughing it up loudly with them and the teacher and my boss are pissed off. The teacher is male and a bit of an arrogant ass, but he’s funny. We start verbally sparring whenever he calls on my corner. It's all so witty! As all of this is happening one of the students is physically flirting with me (hand on knee, arm around me, etc.). I’m uncomfortable but don’t feel that I can leave. I recall feeling like I’ve become a spectacle and am acting ridiculous, but just don’t care enough to stop or do something different.

Class ends. My boss and I have an argument and I quit in front of everyone. I then quite saucily go up to the teacher and ask him if he needs a classroom volunteer as I now have some time on my hands. He agrees and the boys are grinning at me. I wake up.

Summary: I swear I’m not about to interfere with minors – I’ve always like older men!


At 3:07 AM , Blogger Luke said...

You'll be pleased to know that the age of consent in Canada is 14 years, provided you are not abusing a position of trust. If I were you, I wouldn't volunteer as that might put you in a position of trust.

You should probably move quickly because Stephen Harper wants to up the age of consent.

At 11:21 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brownian says:

So it's okay as long as they don't trust me?

Done and done.


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