Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Chronicles of Ammonia (-Based Cleansers and the Women Who Use Them)

Dear Readers,

Some of you may recall my post of some time ago where I chronicled how we went through three different sets of cleaning ladies (and 1 man) in less than 9 months. Some of Momily’s friends suggested that it could be an employer problem (thhppt – it was not! I’m gracious and easy-going at all times). Anyway, I have an update for all y’all on our cleaning lady sitch, as the kids say.

We started with cleaning ladies no. 4 about two months ago and it has been a rousing success. The new arrangement is that 4 ladies show up every second Saturday and I get my house cleaned in 60-90 minutes for $75 total. I’m a bit in love.

The four young women are from the Phillipines. Mildred is the boss (I never thought I would know someone named Mildred!) and she has 3 girls who work with her. They have names like Lou-Lou and Mimi that I can never keep straight. They are kind, competent and hilarious. They joke and chat the whole time and they love my dog and kid.

I guess fourth time’s a charm. I really hope this works out – I bought them small Christmas gifts and everything.

In other cleaning news – we bought a new vacuum. It is the top of the line Dyson. I’m a bit in love with it too.


A Virgo who is not apologizing about her obsession with tidiness anymore


At 9:49 PM , Anonymous Stacey said...

OK - I'm jealous now!! (and happy you've found such an awesome arrangement!)


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