Tuesday, October 31, 2006

It's a boy, alright!

Lately it feels like Daniel has really morphed from baby into “little boy.” While I know that some of his exciting new behaviours are not unique to male toddlers, I still find it fascinating that he exhibits such strong boy behaviours at such a young age. I’m getting a bit anxious about what the next few years hold for me!

Boy behaviour 1: Nutrition sucks!

My child will often not eat or drink anything that I want him to eat. Often he is just not interested in trying something new, but what is most frustrating is when he refuses to eat things that are normally his “favourites.” For example, this morning we struggled throughout breakfast (although Daniel thoroughly enjoyed feeding Petey from his high chair - a big no-no, by the way), but when Daniel had his post-breakfast bath, nothing was more delicious than drinking the tub water straight out of his tub toys. This is especially gross as after last night’s vomit and this morning’s delightful diaper that water was definitely ridden with excessive amounts of poop and puke parts per million.

Boy behaviour no. 2: Snot = handy snack pack

Related to the above, but deserving of its own category as lately my child is blessed with a non-stop runny nose that he takes care of in a rather disgusting fashion. If Mommy isn’t fast enough, there is no need for that Kleenex after all.

Boy behaviour no. 3: Hello down there!

My son grabs himself the second his diaper is off. Yes, poop or no poop – I think the poop just adds an interesting variety in presentation as far as he is concerned. In the tub he is often his favourite tub toy. He is 13 moths old and has been doing this for several months. Interestingly male relatives and friends find this amusing – they are almost proud of his discovery. Females, on the other hand, usually sigh and say things like, “Already?” while looking at their aforementioned male counterparts.

Boy behaviour no. 4: Danger! Danger! YAY!!!

Anything dangerous is more fun. Anything pointy is more fun. Hitting self with stick or other object also great fun. Finding new uses for existing toys (poking self in eye, testing gag reflex) much, much fun. The latest is that my son now uses his motorized quad (LONG story short – it’s a gift, we did not buy it!) as if he’s Evel Kneivel. Sitting on the thing and holding onto to the handlebars is simply lame. Sitting on it without holding the handlebars while leaning precariously on the back rail is much more fun, but STANDING on it while the motor is running is the best.

Boy behaviour no. 5: What’s mine is mine, but what’s yours is better.

OK – a universal toddler behaviour. But it is a bit excessive when the most coveted thing in the house is Petey’s rawhide!

So this is my life right now! When D. Jr. is not sick, he’s a BOY through and through. And of course I wouldn’t change a thing . . . OK, maybe that snot one.


At 9:25 AM , Blogger Cynto said...

I would also like to add that D. Jr. enjoys using his body as a percussion instrument. When he was at our apartment the other day he discovered the joy of sitting with his back to the kitchen cupboards and the neat-o sound that came when he banged the back of his head on the cupboard. Then he looked at me, slyly smiled and did it again. He is very boyish lately - girls don't ram their bodies into things just to make noise.

Also, he has a ball fixation. Ok - they are rubber balls (of varying sizes) but it is a fixation none the less.

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At 1:11 PM , Blogger Momily said...

Is that last one spam or are my literary talents finally receiving the recognition that they deserve?


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