Sunday, September 09, 2007

I get knocked down, but I get knocked up again

Yes, it’s true – I’m 9.5 weeks pregnant. It’s a bit early to be spilling the beans, but I’m hoping it will explain some of my recent behaviour. I wanted to tell everyone individually, but I have been sick as a dog this time for about 6 weeks now which has made me pretty much a homebody spending an inordinate amount of time in bed. I’m barely functioning. I am pretty much nauseous and TIRED all the time and occasionally have a few other very unpleasant symptoms. This is 100% different from my experience with D Jr., where I wasn’t sick a day and felt completely normal. Those few in the very inner sanctum have suggested everything from “it’s definitely a girl” to “twins!” but I’m pretty much convinced that it’s giant, irritable boy.

Anyway, I’m hoping that this all-around YUCK is done in a few weeks, but until then I’ll continue laying low. On the days that I work, I basically pick up D Jr, try to make a supper and crash as soon as D Sr. comes home. It’s pathetic, but you do what you got to do, which in my case right now is very little. So, please don't be too mad at the impersonal en masse reveal!

And have I mentioned how much it sucks to spend the better part of your summer unable to enjoy a beer or glass of wine?! It sure has not motivated me to “get out there” more!

On the other hand, I actually can’t wait for our sweet new baby (I must have amnesia).


At 11:30 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best blog entry title ever! A million congratulations, Ems. I hope you got your fill of booze and other vices over the last 2 years to last you through the remaining 7 months.

At 6:59 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


Congratulations my dear!! I apologize for being sooooo behind the times! Vacation will do that to a person, I guess. Hope you are feeling better and that all is well!!!
Big hugs. S girl and co.


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