Thursday, March 06, 2008

The name game

D Sr. and I have been struggling somewhat in choosing a name for our daughter-to-be. We seem to be having a much harder time selecting a girl name than a boy name. Part of the problem is that we don’t agree on too many girl names and part of the problem is that we both want a name that has “cute” options for childhood, but is also a serious and respectable name for our daughter when she is practicing law or neurosurgery. Add into this that we don’t want “too girly, prissy or frilly,” “too common,” or “too weird,” and it just gets out of hand.

When we were selecting boy names it seemed easier because there were not that many that we both liked and we both liked the same names. Even now, if this child turns out to be a boy (there is always that 1% chance!) we only have three possibilities and one more likely than the others: Owen, Jacob and Joseph. We are most partial to Owen, the issue being that apparently my grandmother loathes the name!

So, we are finally down to two name possibilities, which I am not sharing here. However, I thought I would share the ones that were on our final list which we have recently eliminated!

The NamesWhy They’re Off the List
SimoneD Sr. thinks it’s “too French.” I like it a lot, but there’s no cute nickname/childhood name. Simmie makes me think of Simian (I want no monkey references for my possibly hairy, Mediterranean-gened daughter). Mona makes me think of Billy Idol.
JacquelineD Sr. liked the other names on our list more. I really like it and like “Jacquie,” but conceded that if D Sr. liked other names significantly more, then there was no point.
YvetteWe both like this name but again, perhaps “too French” and perhaps too weird. The only Yvettes I have ever met are in their 50s/60s and live in small-towns, yet I really like this name and like the Eve, Evie nickname possibilities.
IvyI think D Sr. would have gone with this name if it weren’t for me. I like it A LOT and I think it is cute and feminine, but can also be a grown-up name. I just can’t shake the “Poison Ivy” connotations – I actually get the song in my head every time I think of Ivy.
CarmenWe both love this name, but agreed it may be too grown up for a little girl and we do not want the nickname “Carma” – we are not hippies.
AdrianaWe both love this name and this was almost our pick, but we do not want our daughter to have the nickname possibilities of Anne, Annie, Anna due to D Jr’s name. Danny and Annie . . . gag. Otherwise, I have no problem with Anne, Annie, Anna .

There you have it – it is actually cathartic too have them all listed here. Now that they are out there, there’s no going back and waffling. A final list of two it is!


At 12:53 PM , Anonymous margaret said...

just my two bits...I don't think that Carmen is too grown up for a little girl...but my daughter's name is Elizabeth which is apparently "too big a name for a babby"

At 11:22 PM , Anonymous AKK said...

Adriana shortens to Anne? I wouldn't have thought so. Maybe "Addy"? What about the name "Clementine"? Loving Clementine Fringer.

At 12:04 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also do not think Carmen is too old for a kid. Also, the name Adriana is one of my favorites. I also wouldn't have figured that Adriana would be shortened to Anna - it could, but I see Addy more as a possibility as well.



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