Thursday, January 22, 2009

Performance Review

I am the world’s worst blogger. When I’m busy it’s the first thing to go by the wayside.

I have been busy, or perhaps, consumed is the better word. But it’s boring stuff and I can’t find a way to make it interesting or funny – I guess because I don’t find it to be either.

I am in the midst of sorting out work and childcare . . . I will be back at work at the end of March. There have been lots of developments and potential changes, but after analyzing everything to death I think we are keeping things the way they were. I will return to my old job, I will not pursue a different job, we will maintain some kind of part-time childcare (hopefully!) even if it costs a small fortune.

My identity crisis is pretty much over. I am not working to make money and I have to accept that. At this point, I am not working to get ahead or advance my career. I am working to “hold my place” in the workforce until such time that I can pursue different, better, more challenging jobs that are more than 3 days/week. My biggest goals right now are to maintain some kind of “work life balance” and to have more of a life outside of the kids and to also have lots of time with the kids. I think those goals will be accomplished when I return to work in March. I can’t “have it all,” but hopefully I can get pretty close!

L.E. is almost 10 months old. Life is getting easier again! She is happy and fun. She plays with her brother and they love each other so much. They entertain each other and their parents. Her night sleep could be better, but it could also be way worse (and has been in the past, so I guess we’ll take this!). Daniel is pretty much awesome, fun, smart, hilarious, etc. except for the occasional tantrum and whininess. I don’t want to miss too much this time, and I don’t want to miss it because of work. I want to be a working mom who “moms” more than works! Our childcare is flaky and tenuous right now , but we like them and trust them with our kids and don’t want to pursue other options. The status quo is reasonable when I look at it in these terms.

So, there you have it – a boring and unfunny post, but now you know what Momily has been up to these last weeks. Not too much, but in a way everything.


At 8:49 AM , Blogger Laura said...

hmmmm...figuring out your life, and the care of your childrens lives...seems pretty BIG to me.

Was wondering where you went! Thanks for the unfunny boring update. Loved it.

At 3:09 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that every mother is trying to figure out how to balance work and family, and if there were a perfect answer, we would all be doing it. The hardest part to remember is that this is temporary. Since none of our parents seem to remember how hard this stage is, I figure it must get easier . . . Hang in there, we are all there with you. Different details, same debate.
:) AG


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