Sunday, June 14, 2009

tweet tweet tweet

Well, it would seem I am no longer good at this blogging thing. Even though no one ever comments on my blog, I’ve had more than a few real-life remarks about the fact that I have not blogged since April. Apparently, someone was reading this all along!

The reason I have been post-free for awhile now is simple and obvious – I went back to work. And, being back at work with 2 little kids is way different than being back at work with one little kid. I just seemed to have a little more time before, certainly not lots, but enough for a few superfluous things in life. Now, I really struggle to find the time to blog (and shave my legs and read and watch movies and chat on the phone!). For one, I’m at work 3 or more days/week. Second, the kids never nap at the same time anymore on the days that I am at home (on the one hand, life is more manageable when you are down to one kid for some of the day because the other one is napping, but on the other hand there is never really a “kid-free moment”). Third, we’ve had other things going on, too, like soccer nights, visiting friends, visiting family, the occasional mini-trip, a weekend of solo-parenting, etc. which has kind of meant that the blog was the first thing to go on the chopping block.

I keep intending to blog, but I have to admit that given the choice between sitting on the patio with a
Strongbow and the newspaper and blogging, well the former wins. I guess I am not a true, ardent mommy-blogger.

The other big contributing factor to my bloglessness is Twitter. Yes, shameful as it is, I tweeted a tweet and I liked it. You can enjoy my twitt[er]ing
here. I seem to be able to find the time to "micro-blog" under 140 characters at a time. I really enjoy other people’s tweets, too. It’s astounding really – I never thought it was for me and thought it was just as ridiculous as could be. However, I find it quite entertaining and informative and fun.

So, if you miss my blog posts why not try my equally
self-centred and pointless tweets? Who know, maybe you’ll join too? In the meantime, I will try to come up with some real blog posts on:

  • the unbaptised state of child no. 2

  • daycare redux

  • "All I ever need to learn, I learned at preschool soccer"

  • motherhood turning me into a complete book-sissy

  • and, last, but certainly not least

  • second dog vs. third child – which would be the most stupid choice?

Til then!


At 8:29 PM , Blogger Michelle Vandepol said...

go for the third kid. two to three is an easier transition that one to two. (we have three boys and a cat. done the two dogs thing -- way more work)


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