Monday, February 09, 2009

25 Random Things

This has been going around Facebook. The idea is that you provide 25 random things about yourself and then tag 25 people to do the same. I have been tagged, but I don’t like the idea of bothering 25 other people who have likely already been tagged a bunch of times.

In the spirit, though, here are 25 fairly random things about me, which you may or may not already know!

1. People either think I’m a terrible bitch or a nice, shy, quiet person. In actuality, I’m both.
2. If I’m angry enough, I can go years without talking to people. . . even close family members.
3. I hold a grudge.
4. In my dreams, no matter what they’re about, I don’t look like how I do in real life.
5. I acknowledge that I am often a hard person to be friends with.
6. I love my children and husband more than anyone else in the world, but my siblings are a close second.
7. If I could do it all over again I just might be a vet or work in a zoo.
8. I think D. Sr. and I should have travelled more before we had kids . . . because I’m not at all interested in travelling with little kids.
9. I just might have a novel in me. We’ll see.
10. If we had more family help, support, community, etc. I would have a third child for sure. As it is, I’m very hesitant. This shit is hard.
11. I LOVE true-crime TV.
12. I am attracted to conspiracy theories, no matter how crazy.
13. I cry at the drop of a hat and have been that way since childhood.
14. I’m allergic to bees and penicillin.
15. I wish I knew how to “make new friends,” but I just don’t! I guess I should learn how to keep old friends first!
16. Perhaps from my days on the farm, I’m never squeamish “in the moment” about things like blood, injury, etc., but it sure hits me afterwards.
17. I like gambling.
18. I think Chris Cornell, Chris Isaak and Scott Wieland may be the sexiest men alive. Oh, and Warrick from CSI . . . hot!
19. I think I would be really good at writing soap operas.
20. The older I get the more politically conservative I get and it kind of scares me.
21. I have been having a spiritual crisis of faith since D. Jr. was born.
22. I’m very happy that yoga is back in my life even if it’s not as much as it should be.
23. I wish I could play a musical instrument and still hope that one day I will.
24. I would love to learn how to draw and paint, but for some reason the thought of taking art classes really freaks me out.
25. If I won the lottery and was no longer concerned with things like holding down a job and not squandering money, I would pursue an MA and Ph.D. in something completely impractical like English Literature or Art History.

If you are reading this and have a blog of your own, consider yourself tagged (or not, I completely understand!).


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