Sunday, April 12, 2009

the attention span of (the mother of) a three year old

There are a million things I could blog about and yet I don’t.

Why? Because I am easily distracted.

I have been back at work since March 31st. It takes up quite a bit of time, but not quite as much time as I spend obsessing over my wee baby being in and adjusting to daycare. I should be blogging about the back to work transition and the whole work-life balance thing, shouldn’t I?

Prior to going back to work we took a little family vacation . . . that was a disaster. Half of us had the flu there, half of us waited til we returned home. I should really blog about that, too, seeing as how so much exciting stuff happened on our trip such as my baby PUKING ON THE AIRPLANE. Ah, but I digress from my list of distractions.

I sincerely hope to blog once more about all my fascinating parenting adventures, but sometimes life gets in the way. Life and asinine things like Twittter.


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