Sunday, October 22, 2006

Hard core, my ass!

My latest letter to the editor. This time I am writing to Revolver which is a pretty lame-ass heavy metal magazine that I'm embarrassed to admit my household actually subscribes to. I dashed this off as a quick, tongue-in-cheek quip - I'll be surprised if it's published!

I’m a mother of a one-year-old baby boy who occasionally flips through her husband’s issues of Revolver (admittedly with the hopes of finding some updates on the hair-metal bands that I used to love in my youth!). Recently, I found myself laughing out loud at Patrick Albertson’s article “I Was an Ozzfest Roadie” (November 2006). Albertson “lives to tell the tale” after spending what he claims was 3 harrowing and extreme days on tour. He tells us that part of what made his experience so gruelling was that he only got 10.5 hours of sleep and 1 shower during his 3 days on tour. 10.5 hours of sleep and 1 shower over 3 days? Sounds like the first 3 months of my life after I had my baby. Who knew that motherhood could give Ozzfest a run for its money? When I have my second child, Albertson is welcome to hang out with us for 3 days – that is, if he’s up to the challenge!

Momily, Alberta, Canada


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