Monday, October 02, 2006

Heidi Klum! Angelina Jolie! Gwyneth Paltrow! Aren’t really talked about here . . .

A little while ago, I subscribed to a service called “Site Meter” that tells me how many hits I’m getting on Momily and where in the world they are coming from. It tells me other things too, such as the duration of visits and the referring websites if there are any. Once in awhile I check the stats – I find the “where in the world” Momily visitors are coming from and how they locate my site (the “referring URLs”) to be the most interesting.

Many weeks ago, one of my posts BRIEFLY mentioned Heidi Klum (of supermodel fame who keeps expelling Seal’s children and who seems to have sold her soul to the Devil so that she can somehow look exactly the same before, during and after pregnancy). My mention of Ms. Klum was precisely as follows:

“Once I was well into this first year of motherhood, I realized that these aspects and truths of motherhood do apply to all new mothers (OK, maybe not that Heidi Klum bitch!) on some level because you become a different person after having a baby.”
Well since that sentence, I have been getting a spate of hits from all over the world and I can tell from good ol’ Site Meter that the only reason they are coming to my site is because they subscribe to “fan” websites or read “fan” websites that actually index and mention every reference of Heidi Klum on the Internet. Apparently these people are super-fans and they must be sorely disappointed when they arrive at Momily as their visits all last somewhere in the vicinity of 0-1 seconds.

I find this beaucoup hilarious!! So I am curious to see how a mere mention of “Angelina Jolie! Gwyneth Paltrow!” will affect my web stats in the near future.

If you’re interested in all this, go to the very bottom of the blog and you will see a link for Site Meter.

If you don’t find this interesting at all, then send me a guest post already, complainer.


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