Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Vanity publishing

I’m supposed to be working on a Power Point presentation (and other stuff) for an in-service that I am providing next week. Ugh!

Small surprise, then, that when I received one of “those” e-mails from a friend recently (“4 things you never knew about me” forward on to all your friends, etc.) I actually took the time to respond to it in an effort to procrastinate and put off power pointing.

Anyway, it was quite interesting to learn some new facts about an old friend and reciprocate the same . . . here are some things that you may not have known about me and probably could care less about (but whatever, I do what I want).

Four jobs that I have had
1. Children's Librarian (best job I have ever had)
2. Reference Archivist
3. Research Assistant
4. nanny (I was 21 and this is the reason I did not have children until 31)
. . . and many grunt labour jobs in rural Alberta (i.e. carrot picking, yes, carrot picking)

Movies that I will watch over and over
1. Ferris Bueller's Day Off (worth it for the "Danke Schoen" scene alone!)
2. The Mission (my one serious choice; but it’s true, I love this movie.)
3. Dodgeball (it’s amazing how a ball to the nuts just doesn’t get old)
4. any Indiana Jones (I am most partial to the last one)
. . . and any Adam Sandler movie as I love him and love potty humour (obviously!) . . . and Breakfast Club (How could I have almost forgotten Breakfast Club?!)

Four places I have lived
1. “big” city, Alberta
2. very small town rural Alberta
3. Karlsruhe, Germany (the scene of the nannyin’!)
4. Laval, Quebec

Four Shows I Love to Watch
1. Ugly Betty
2. Law & Order (not the spin-offs!)
3. CSI (not the spin-offs)
4. The Young & The Restless (yes, I will explain . . . there is going to be an entire blog post about this soon!)
. . .However, nothing on TV is even remotely holding a candle to my old cancelled favourites. I love the Daily Show (Jon Stewart) but never get to watch it anymore. I am also enjoying the Mercer Report quite regularly!

Four places I have been
1. quite a bit of Germany
2. quite a bit of Spain
3. several other parts of Europe
4. lots of Canada
. . . I have been to the US on a very limited basis (and I have to admit that this does not bother me in the least!). I have been to Seattle (loved it!) and rural Vermont which is home to one of the cheesiest attractions I have ever visited.

Four of my favourite foods
1. pasta (pretty much anything!)
2. coffee!!!! (I consider it a food group and an excellent source of water)
3. pizza
4. Indian cuisine

Four places I would like to be right now
1. Not on the way to my in-laws' house!! (because I am often a grumpy, terrible person)
2. having a real night out on the town with my now dispersed girlfriends
3. on a private beach having an uninterrupted nap
4. at the park with D. Jr. in good weather watching him be in complete delight/joy at being swung in a baby swing!!


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