Monday, July 09, 2007

Hey, kid! Wanna buy a dog? Cheap!

As I clean up the garbage (for the umpteenth time!) that my dog has strewn across the basement, I have to wonder if anyone else is interested in owning this majestic beast. He is a new designer dog breed, Passat. Passats are half Pointer, half Basset, all dumb-ass. They have the grace and agility of a water buffalo and the intestinal fortitude of a goat. Any takers?

Anyway, after some nagging here are some pics of the new house and one of the aforementioned canine on the auction block. The disclaimer is that I take the worst pictures ever. I'm done apologizing for it - you'll get the gist, but these aren't about to be nominated in a photo contest.

The front:

What I see from my front steps:

The back yard:

Canis moronicus:

The fireplace/living room:

Living room/dining room:


I can't post all these pics and not have at least one of my favourite son:

That's all for now!


At 10:54 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, Em! What a gorgeous place!Very momily!! Love the view, the yard, the kitchen and the sweet little boy (um, we're not in the market for a dog right now, though!!). So happy for you that you have found "home".
Love, S and co.oxoxoxox


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