Monday, July 02, 2007

Life in a nut(so)shell

We are about 2/3 unpacked in my estimation. Most of upstairs is done. Hardly any of the basement is done. We still have lots of things to do like hang pictures up, etc. which I’m guessing might take months at this point. But the major things are done. In this respect, we’re functional, up and running, insert cliché here.

The moving process SUCKED. We had no ends of problems with everyone from our lawyers to the cable people to the idiots who delivered our washer and dryer. In fact we are still sorting out details with our house sale (2.5 weeks later!) and are still waiting for $2K in funds from our incompetent lawyers. It is all too boring to detail here. Let’s just say I have written a few letters, yelled at many people on the phone and have learned and grown as a bitch, er, human being in the process.

My mother-in-law is recovering at home. My father-in-law is in the Orient for 2 weeks for business. The situation is ridiculous for so many reasons. Unfortunately, I dare not delve into specifics here for fear of being disowned from the other half of the family. I appear to be disowned from my half of the family, again for a story too long and tedious to detail here. I’m really growing and evolving as bitch for so many reasons lately!

Otherwise things are fine, good even. We love our house and the location. D Jr is thriving like crazy. He is hilarious and happy and we feel fortunate all the time. I need to upload lots of photos and have not. What is priceless now is watching him play in our “ghetto sandbox.” I have emptied two bags of the free garden sand that is available in the winter into a big Rubbermaid bin. My child actually sits in the bin - even though he is almost bigger than the bin – and proceeds to dump sand out of the bin and eat a few shovelfuls as well. D Jr also has lots of words and a few phrases now. He progresses and changes so fast all the time – it keeps us on our toes! I keep having to correct myself – “my son,” “my little boy” now replaces “my baby.” He is a little boy and there are very few baby things left about him. Those that are left are all phasing themselves out: fewer bottles, talking about potty training, drinking from a real cup, etc.!

We just found out the great news that my sister-in-law is expecting in January. Great news at a time when there is lots of bad news in their lives. We predict another girl! It seems like almost everyone is pregnant right now - some out in the open and some still under wraps!! We know who you are! I can spot a pregnancy a mile away . . . or spot the noticeably absent wine glass, but I like pretending it’s a gift.

Anyway I think that is it in a nutshell! Shout out to A + J for a fabulous Sunday night! I haven’t partied like it was 1999 in a long time and it was just what I needed!


At 11:03 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who has got something under wraps?

At 8:23 PM , Blogger Momily said...

not me!


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