Saturday, March 08, 2008

Best Colbert interview ever

I almost peed my pants at the end of this . . . I am even more in love with SC now.

Viacom are Internet Nazis - not sure how long this link will work as they shut down access.


At 4:37 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you know that the author being interviewed was also the author of the Intro Psych text being used at U of A when we took the course? He is one high ranking academic . . . hee hee!

At 5:02 PM , Anonymous Monily said...

I know - I was venting to D Sr. about it when we watched it. I remember the textbook making me hate Psych 104 even more . . . and I think he has some racket where a new edition comes out EVERY year so kids are stuck shelling out a ridiculous amount for a new text.


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