Thursday, August 31, 2006

Lithium, Part Two

5:30 pm – In a strange turn of events, I hardly had time to miss my son today. I went to the salon to get my eyebrows waxed (how glamorous!). My salon is on Whyte Ave and 96th Street (for those that don’t know, it’s a fairly high traffic area for out city). I was early for my appointment and waiting in the car when I noticed what appeared to be a lost dog. I concluded that it was indeed a lost dog when it started crossing back and forth across Whyte Ave and narrowly missed being run over SEVERAL times. It was a potentially sad and dangerous scene.

I called my sister who gave me the number for the city pound. I called the pound and they said they would send someone as soon as they could. I went in for my appt., but while I was waiting he almost got hit again. So I left and with the help of passer-bys got this very large, yet friendly, safely dog into my car.

Then I thought, “Oh shit, there’s a huge, strange dog in my car. D Sr may kill me.”

I went back to the salon and explained the situation. The girls were nice and eager to help me out. We managed to get the dog out my car and tied it up to a pole using an extension cord!! One of the girls even got him a bowl of water. I

called the pound again. They said they were sending someone ASAP. I went in and got my eyebrows waxed while another girl watched the dog. Then after I was done I stayed outside with it until the pound arrived and took the mystery hound away.

I then decided that I am an awesome person and deserve to wear something nice to the wedding and, god damn it, there’s a million women out there the same size as me. I went to Winners and inside of 30 minutes found and bought TWO fabulous dresses!! It must be karma as I hardly ever find dresses that fit me let alone after only 15 minutes of shopping . . . and they were hugely reduced to $29.99 each! Woo-hoo! I hope this karma continues to work its magic for the next time Petey goes missing.

As for my poor son, well, I was actually 20 minutes “late” picking him up because I decided to disinfect the car of strange dog before putting my son in it. When I got to the daycare D Jr seemed shell-shocked. That’s really the only word. He looked like a a baby that has been crying a lot and is very tired. Raisa told me that he didn’t cry “much” but that he cried sporadically throughout the day. On the plus side, he apparently napped 2 hours for them and ate like a horse. He wasn’t clingy and didn’t cry when he saw me. When we got home he got right into play mode and then crashed for a nap an hour later. On the downs side, Raisa suggested I bring him by on Wednesday for an hour so he can start getting better used to it. Then he gets another full day next Friday.We’ll see, I guess.

If you want to see a pic of the dog go here; you're looking for the Australian Shperhed/Collie cross found Aug 31. Apparently he’s a she - L-O-L-A, Lola. The pic does not do her justice – she is very cute and not at all scary looking. You should consider adopting her.

Anyway, this is really the last post until Tuesday or Wednesday next week. Miss ya already bloggees.


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