Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I’m Back in Blog (insert guitar sole here)

Sorry for the extended hiatus. Between being back at work, Daniel being sick AGAIN (we had 10 days of health in there somewhere), and my Dad visiting us for a week, I’ve just been too busy to blog.

So the latest updates are:

  • Daniel was sick again . . . it started off as a minor cold, but we have just had two nights of puke-a-rama. He seems better today. I have new appreciation for working parents in general, as we decided on Monday (well, technically Tuesday) night at 2 am which parent got to call work in the morning and stay home. As Tuesday would only be Day 4 of work for me, D. Sr. was the luck winner of the stay at home-work from home sweepstakes. I was the lucky winner of “go to work on 3 hours of sleep.”

  • We recently attended "baptism preparation class," which was long and painful but apparently not as painful as the ceremony will be. I’m going to mass this Sunday so I have some sense of what to expect the following Sunday when D. Jr. actually gets baptised. I was surprised by the fact that we have to provide our own candle (I mean really!). I just spent a few hours buying materials and decorating a pillar candle. To say that I am not Martha Stewart is the understatement of the century, but the candle at least seems passable. However, when I caught myself referring to the decorative items as “doves and shit” I realized that my child really needs saving fast.

  • Work has been work. I was expecting some kind of grace period/get used to things again period, but no such luck. It has felt a bit “sink or swim,” but at least I’ve caught up quickly. Some stuff has changed (I can’t find a few things, such as the entire large print collection!) and most hasn’t (homeless guys using the library as a place to sleep; annoying teenagers looking at inappropriate stuff on the Internet, people angry at life in general).

  • Daniel still loves baby barracks but I have fallen out of any like I had for them. On Friday they told me that they can’t look after Daniel anymore on Tuesdays and Thursdays - effective immediately, as in the Tuesday that was my next day of work. After losing my mind on them, having WW III in front of other parents and sending D. Sr. there on Monday morning, we have now kinf of worked something out (they can take him after 11:30 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but not earlier than that). However, they also told us that they might shut the baby room down altogether in a few months, which was bracing and unhappy news. No child care = no job for Momily. We are pretty stressed and it is weird and worrisome to have child care on what feels like a week-by-week basis. We are investigating other options but with nannies charging minimum $10/hour and waiting lists for daycares in this city being MONTHS long it doesn’t look great.

  • I had my first "exchange angry hand gestures" incident with another driver. I flipped off a bunch of jerky, aggressive teenage boys in a pick-up who were clearly surprised at receiving the finger from a mom-driven Subaru complete with “Baby on Board” signage. It felt so good, that I realize I will need to watch myself!!

  • Does the purported fledgling romance between Condi and Peter Mackay absolutely terrify anyone else??? Ever since I first heard about this, I can't purge the following image from my mind: the two of them sprawled out on some hotel bed exchanging furtive kisses and tentative gropes while their nightstand books, The Wit and Wisdom of Richard M. Nixon and The Portable Ayn Rand, look on. Please help me.

I’m pretty sure that is all I have to entertain you with at this time. Kind of boring I know, but what I can say, it’s somehow been both a slow and busy week.

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At 11:18 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to 2 of my favourite people - Emily on Sept.22nd and sweetie-pie Daniel on Sept. 23rd.


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