Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A few more girl name possibilities?

Many of you are familiar with my immense disdain for made-up, uneeq baby names, as well as "kreative spelings" of regular names. Hence, an episode of MadTV actually made me laugh out loud lately (I suppose there IS a first time for everything), specifically the following quote:

JELLY: Lordy now, y’all need to get into your bathtubs. That’s the only place to be safe during a hurricane! Or an earthquake! Or a visit from the priest. See, I got everything I need surrounding me. I got my black Jesus figurine, and pictures of my grandbabies, Fallopia, and Vagisil. I sure do.

I don’t recall Fallopia and Vagisil appearing in any of the Freakonomics’ musings on baby names, but they would fit right in.

Unfortunately, I can’t find video of the Mad TV Skit, just a transcript (how retro!). If you are interested:

And, if you are interested in some of the best baby names ever, go here!


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