Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Be my guest, be my guest!

Have you thought about blogging? Have you wanted to blog, but don’t want the hassle and commitment of maintaining your own site?

Then, be my guest!!

Yes, I’m inviting you to write something, anything and I will put it up as a regular blog post!!!

I know some of you have been writing lately – so why not send your crap, I mean quality literary pieces, this way?

Email your pieces it to me . . . I will not edit anything out or change anything. If you want to be anonymous, I will post it nameless. If you want your name attached, I can do that too! I will just put it up as a regular post however you want it to be seen.

Why am I doing this? Why am I asking this of you? Because having guest bloggers is the hottest trend in blogging right now . . . No, ok, I’m doing this because with being back at work I am finding it hard to maintain my blog in the same engaging and regular fashion that you’ve grown to expect and love. In other words, I need you to help me keep it interesting for everyone else!

So, if you’ve written an article a letter or just really want to rant on something, send me a copy!

I mean if D. Jr. can find the time to type something up, can't you?


At 3:24 PM , Blogger Cynto said...

Signs of Alberta's Prosperity?

On my walk to and from campus today (round trip is about 20 blocks) I saw the following items:

1 pair of socks (looked fairly new);

1 mitten;

1 smashed apple (a real apple not a crab-apple);

1 unopened packet of seasoning for a package of Ichiban Noodle Soup;

An assortment of pens and pencils at various locations (they all looked in good condition but I practiced restraint and didn't pick any up);

1 windshield wiper; and

2 pairs of men's underwear (in separate locations!)

Our new provincial slogan should be "Come to Alberta - You'll make so much money instead of washing them you can just throw your underwear away!"


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