Thursday, September 28, 2006

Signs of Alberta's Prosperity?

Our first guest post has come in and I sincerely hope it's not our last! Anyway, this offering is from Cynto (sister of Momily):

Signs of Alberta's Prosperity?

On my walk to and from campus today (round trip is about 20 blocks) I saw the following items:

1 pair of socks (looked fairly new);

1 mitten;

1 smashed apple (a real apple not a crab-apple);

1 unopened packet of seasoning for a package of Ichiban Noodle Soup;

An assortment of pens and pencils at various locations (they all looked in good condition but I practiced restraint and didn't pick any up);

1 windshield wiper;

and2 pairs of men's underwear (in separate locations!)

Our new provincial slogan should be "Come to Alberta - You'll make so much money that instead of washing them you can just throw your underwear away!"

My thoughts: Love it . . . the rant of an old person coming from a young ‘un. “In my day, there wasn’t all this waste. Young people knew the value of a good pair of underwear. Why when the war was on, you were happy to have one pair of underwear, nevermind two. And our underwear was made out of steel wool." I also wonder if the two pairs of men's underwear might indicate the need for a slightly different slogan, "Alberta - not as homophobic as you think!"

Anyway, remember that I want you to be my guest!


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